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Magic the Gathering

A huge Thank You to our friends at Wizards of the Coast for supporting our Magic: The Gatheringtournaments at the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest in June. The area will feature over 35 tables of play and the tournaments [...]

Pacific NW R2 Builders

We are pleased to welcome the amazing builders, engineers, and artisans of the Northwest R2 Builders Club to the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest in June. Have you ever wanted to see an operational R2 unit [...]

Steve Geiger

Steve began his career as an apprentice to the legendary comic book artist John Romita Sr. He was soon hired on staff, and eventually was named Managing Art Director for The Marvel Entertainment Group. Steve has [...]

Millennium Falcon Bench and Dejarik Table

How many times have you played this scene in A New Hope and imagined sitting in the Millennium Falcon and playing a game of Dejarik with Chewy or R2-D2? Well, we don't have the whole [...]

Mary the Impala

Any Supernatural fans out there? We are excited to host Mary the Impala at the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest this summer. Mary is an amazing screen accurate replica of the iconic 1967 Chevy Impala that [...]

Roxy the Rancor

Roxy the Rancor Roxy is a replica of a 700-pound, 17-foot-long Rancor Monster that was featured in Return of the Jedi. This creation sculpted from nearly 2,000 cubic feet of expanded polystyrene foam and is [...]

Rich Werner

Are you one of the millions of people that have become addicted to Plants Vs. Zombies on since 2009? You can thank Rich Werner in person at theWashington State Toy and Geek Fest personally then. Rich [...]

Gurreck Clan

Boba Fett might be the most famous and Sabine Wren might be the coolest, but we welcome the warriors from the planet of Mandalore. The Clan Gurreck of the Mandalorian Mercs will be joining us [...]

Han in Carbonite

Next we head to depths of Cloud City where our favorite smuggler is frozen in Carbonite. We couldn't bring you the real Han Solo, so we found the next best thing. This replica is so [...]

Ewoks Bulider Club

We take you to the Forest Moon of Endor. Where you can have your picture taken with an Ewok. These amazing replicas are perfectly detailed and stand guard near the Speeder Bike display. We thank [...]

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