Exhibitors Welcome

It is time to now pause the announcements and open the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest to the community. We want you to play a small role in this event with your toys, hobby and collections. We have received dozens of emails asking to show off your toy, comic book, and memorabilia collections.
We have set aside a portion of the area for just that. We are calling it our Community Collections. So now is the time to submit your ideas and our team will sift through all of the entries and come up with the 8 to 10 great exhibits to show.
Do you know a friend that has the biggest Hot Wheels collection? Tag the person with the biggest Barbie, My Little Pony, or Care Bear collections. Who collects LEGO and has a massive collection and builds some great MOCs? We want to know and give them an opportunity to display their collection for free to thousands of people… and will even pay them with prizes and free admission tickets.
How cool is this Alice Finch MOC of Hogwarts Castle in LEGO? We know our community has these toys or knows people with some cool toys. Where are our Alice’s at? Send them this link to submit an application today.
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