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Vendor Information

Top 14 Benefits List (so far) to be a Vendor

(in no particular order)

1.  Free WiFi

2.  20K+ attendees

3.  Relevant Celebrities

4.  All-in-one booth prices (booth, pipe and drape, tables, and chairs)

5.  Package and Bag check-in services for shoppers

6.  Assigned staff members to assist vendors at check-in and throughout the event

7.  Washington State Fair (great location, easy access, well-known, established)

8.  Television, Radio, Internet, Social Media, and Celebrity sponsored promotion

9.  Beer Garden, Scones, and Fair Food

10.  Magic the Gathering Tournament

11. Cosplay contests, instruction and repair

12. More exhibits, displays and attractions than you can imagine. There will be plenty of kid and family attractions in addition to the standard geek attrations.  This means you can gain new customers that you might not typically get.

13. If you aren’t an exhibitor or vendor at the Toy and Geek Festival…you can bet your competition is!

14. YouTubers and other social media such as Podcasters and news will be on site. You can expand your audience!

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