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Steve Geiger

Steve began his career as an apprentice to the legendary comic book artist John Romita Sr. He was soon hired on staff, and eventually was named Managing Art Director for The Marvel Entertainment Group. Steve has [...]

Jurassic Park Jeeps

Life finds a way... and we found a way to bring Jurassic Park Jeeps to the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest this summer! Members of the Jurassic Park NW Division have spared no expense [...]

WA National Guard

New Rule. When the Washington National Guardrequests to land a Black Hawk Helicopter at your event. You say YES. In this case, it was YES SIR, PRETTY PLEASE. We keep getting asked if the Washington State Toy [...]

David Williams

Are you a fan of Batman, JLA, Ben 10, Wolverine, Marvel... we could go on and on, but we are excited to announce David Williams, a cover artist from across the fandoms will be joining [...]

Jet City Temple

The Alpha Base Rebel Legion has let us know to expect a Sith presence at the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest this summer. So we have called in the experts at the Jet City Temple to [...]

Lemmy the Luggabeast

Meet Lemmy the Luggabeast. If you lived in the Outer Rims of the Star Wars Universe and had to lug your goods about in hostile environments but didn’t want to use a beast that requires [...]

Gurreck Clan

Boba Fett might be the most famous and Sabine Wren might be the coolest, but we welcome the warriors from the planet of Mandalore. The Clan Gurreck of the Mandalorian Mercs will be joining us [...]

Magic the Gathering

A huge Thank You to our friends at Wizards of the Coast for supporting our Magic: The Gatheringtournaments at the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest in June. The area will feature over 35 tables of play and the tournaments [...]

1966 Batmobile

Kapow! The 1966 Batmobile is coming to the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest on June 30th and July 1st. Rounding out an impressive star-studded lineup is the iconic vehicle that needs no introduction. Batman [...]

Roxy Kong

To our surprise, we just received word that we will be getting another treat from Roxy at the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest. The handlers of Roxy informed us that the newly released video game [...]

Mary the Impala

Any Supernatural fans out there? We are excited to host Mary the Impala at the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest this summer. Mary is an amazing screen accurate replica of the iconic 1967 Chevy Impala that [...]

Garrison Titan

What do you call a 10,000 sq. ft. area full of epic Star Wars stuff? Well, we are calling the area our Galaxy Not Too Far Away, and who best to occupy the area is [...]

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